Memorial progress

We have accomplished as much as we can this season.

  • There are still parts of the Memorial that have not been sponsored.
  • There are two tablets yet to be purchased.
  • We will be doing various fund raisers throughout the winter to raise money for the Bronze Soldier.
  • We have sold 252 out of 280 pavers for the Farmington Area Veterans Memorial, so we can still accept paver requests. As of right now there are 28 spaces located along side the Memorial as you walk on the opposite side of the side walk. Future plans for pavers will be to install them on both sides of the entire sidewalk. Please get this information out so everybody gets an opportunity to buy one for themselves or a Veteran in their life. Visit the Veteran Pavers page for more information.

    Please also visit our Facebook page for updates.

    Watch for updates when they happen.
    Thank You for all of your support!