Hello All, FYI for those of you that have recently ordered pavers. They have been set in and are expecting installation in June. We have also made a decision on the company that will make the Soldier statue.
April 1st is the last day to order pavers for the Memorial day installation.
We are almost done. We had 77 pavers installed yesterday. Come and take a look. This winter it looks like more fund raising for the Statue and the Memorial will be complete. We will always accept Paver request which will be ordered once a year (twice depending on how many we get). I will have the final Stats on what was spent to accomplish this great task. Thank You for all your Support
The FLEA MARKET in Downtown Farmington (just north of Oak Street between 3rd & 4th Streets) takes place on the 4th Saturday of each month for May, June, July and August .  Hours are 9 A.M. to 2 P.M.  Each vendor pays a fee to participate in each week’s market and they can choose among 3 local charities that will receive their fee.  We received $650 from this local effort to date to be used toward matching the Rotary Club challenge of matching up to $10,000 toward the purchase and installation of a saluting soldier in the Farmington Veterans Memorial.  Janie Tutewohl of the Keller-Williams real estate office in Farmington organized this event. 
As of April 21 we have raised $5,300 toward the match.  We need to raise an additional $4,700 to complete the Rotary Club match.  All donations toward this effort will be greatly appreciated. 

Anchor Bank of Farmington pledged $1,000 toward the Rotary Club’s challenge to match up to $10,000 toward the purchase and installation of the life-sized soldier in the center of the Memorial. This will be Anchor Bank’s third gift toward the Veterans Memorial project.

Thank You to the Dakota Electric that donated $1,000. That Money will go towards the Farmington Rotary Clubs $10,000 matching funds grant. Thanks to All again for your support

Thank You to the Dakota County Two-Cylinder Club that donated $1,000. That Money will go towards the Farmington Rotary Clubs $10,000 matching funds grant. If you are wanting to donate or are aware of any businesses looking to donate now it the time to double your donation. Thanks to All again for your support

Everyone an update on the Memorial!!! We are working on funds for the Bronze Statue. As of right now the price will be $55,000 plus depending on what we get and who we get it from. The local businesses are and have been more then generous with their support. We have another $10,000 matching grant fro the Farmington Rotary Club. Paver requests are also coming in and we will start after the thaw adding them down the side walk. Thank you for your continuing support . More info to come

We are now Fund Raising for the Bronze Soldier that will stand 10 feet away from the folded flag saluting it. It will be over 6 feet tall and cost around $45,000

Printable version of Bronze soldier fundraiser document

Bronze statue v2