The Plan

This memorial is to honor all Farmington area men and women veterans of U. S. military service – past, present, and future – and will be located in the west end of Rambling River Park.

  • Special emphasis will be given to those who lost their life in service to our country.  This is accomplished with a granite flag to replicate the American flag as it is folded for military funerals.  This granite flag will be about 10 feet wide at the bottom and 5 feet high at the peak (10 feet above the ground at the peak), 10 inches thick and weigh about 6,000 lbs.  This flag will be placed on a concrete wall along the north side of the memorial.
  • In front of this folded granite flag will be a sloping granite tablet with the names and service information on those Farmington area men and women who lost their life in military service.   The  principal theme of the memorial will be “ALL GAVE SOME, SOME GAVE ALL”.
  •  American and POW/MIA flags will flank this memorial to the dead.
  • Other Stone tablets containing military poems will be located within the memorial area.
  • There will be a life-sized, battle-dressed soldier, about 18 feet in front of this display, saluting the memorial.
  • This entire presentation will be surrounded by granite pavers naming other veterans.  A book will also be on site naming all veterans. The memorial will become an integral part of Rambling River Park.

If you have questions or suggestions about the plan, please Contact Us and submit them.


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Plan drawing of memorial site