Why a Memorial?

Young men and women have long answered the nation’s call to serve in the military, to protect the freedoms that we take for granted each day.

When one looks at statistics for casualties of past wars, it is noted that a common age of those killed in action are between the ages of 19 to 25. In today’s news reports we see their clean-cut faces in photos in the news media as each one is killed. We go on with our lives, but as we think more deeply about those lost young Americans, we see the lives unlived by these brave ones. We think of the lives we have enjoyed from our 19 to 25 year age to now – careers, family, friends and so many things that we enjoy. But their life ended so early – for us.

It is so very appropriate that we never forget their sacrifice. There are national and state memorials, but nothing brings an awareness of those sacrifices home to us, like a local memorial that we can see each day and remember the human sacrifices that have been made for us by our own young people and their families from the Farmington area.

Please examine the plan carefully and read the stories of Farmington Area Veterans (which will be added as they are submitted) who served in various service times.